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Dr. Steenblock has been practicing holistic medicine since 1978 in Southern California opening the first holistic clinic west of the Mississipi. In 1988 Dr Steenblock obtained a full body hyperbaric chamber for treatment of patients with brain diseases. One day in 1991 he got a call from a patient whose mother had just had a stroke and had been taken to the hospital. The mother was totally paralyzed on her left side. Dr Steenblock told her to take her out of the hospital and bring her to his clinic. She was brought to his clinic in an ambulance... Read more


We've had a very positive experience at the clinic. John has improved in many areas, including speech and walking. When we came there 3 months ago, John was not able to move his right leg on his own to walk. Now, with the help of a brace, he can walk about 100-150 feet. His speech is much more conversational. He initiates conversation and offers many insights that are verbalized. He has a more positive outlook and is learning to handle stress very well. The improvements we notice everyday start to add up! Thank you for all your help!!!                                 Read more

What is a stroke?

The term “stroke” refers to an interruption in blood flow to a part of the brain. When this is caused by a blockage in a blood vessel that supplies blood to part of the brain it is called an “ischemic stroke.” When blood flow is compromised due to a rupture in a blood vessel this is termed a “hemorrhagic stroke.” In either instance brain damage is done when the flow of blood and oxygen is compromised or lost for more than a short interval of time. As such, getting medical intervention to restore normal circulation is crucial.

Stem Cells & Stroke

Can stem cells do anything for stroke? The brain has its own reserve of stem cells that it marshals to repair stroke damage, but these seldom repair all the damage. Researchers in India have showed that when recent stroke patients are given their own bone marrow cells they “were able to overcome their handicaps and became free of deficits like weakness of limbs and inability to walk." This is what some American doctors have found using whole bone marrow.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen refers to treating disease by saturating patient’s tissues with pure oxygen under pressure. It use took its present form back in the 1950s. Physicians have found it incredibly effective in promoting wound healing, cyanide and carbon monoxide poisoning, anemia associated with sudden blood loss, and burns. Many pioneering doctors are using hyperbaric oxygen “off label” to treat autism, chronic and acute stroke, multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, neuropathy and cerebral palsy, and are reporting often impressive results.
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Dr. Steenblock's clinic

If you or a loved one has had a stroke, you've come to the right place. This clinic is your “one stop” source of help for turning things around.

Most clinics focus on forms of intervention that essentially amount to “damage control” of a sort; that is, doctors typically concentrate their efforts on managing symptoms, preventing a stroke recurrence and getting the patient into rehab.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this, mind you, as all these are laudatory goals backed by a great deal of scientific support.

But what about the “tiny things” that can undermine healing and even set the stage for a subsequent stroke? For instance, has your doctor looked closely at the levels of iron in your arteries and brain? Iron can limit stroke recovery and even pull the trigger on subsequent cardiovascular events. What about the functioning of the mitochondria or cellular power producers in the neurons of your brain? Are they working optimally or not? How about the mobilization and vitality of your own stem cells? Are they “ready, willing & able” to facilitate stroke repair? Does your doctor understand the role of your own stem cells in stroke repair and restoration, as well as how to mobilize and activate them?

Iron deposition, heavy metals, compromised mitochondrial functioning, stem cell mobilization and activation, and so much more are integral to Dr. David Steenblock’s approach to helping bring about healing and restoration in stroke patients.  He understands the players that give rise to strokes and impede healing, thanks to an incredibly extensive background in pathology, biochemistry and integrative or “whole systems” medicine. In short, he knows what to look for and do to remove roadblocks to restoration at all levels -- cellular, tissue and bodily systems – as well as to jumpstart and optimize each patient’s native healing response.

These insights and skills have made Dr. David Steenblock America’s foremost “Stroke Doctor.” There is no other physician anywhere who possesses this unique combination of training, experience and insight.

If you want the very best, you’ve come to right place. Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic.


Dr. David Steenblock
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"Four days after I had a stroke my grandson took me to Dr. Steenblock's in a wheelchair. I couldn't walk, had slurred speech and my right side was paralyzed. I went into the hyperbaric unit thinking I'd sleep, but the oxygen woke me up. Then I began taking a magazine into the hyperbaric unit and it took me a week to read it...